[Ubuntu] Memory 확인

OS/Linux 2017. 1. 19. 11:59

Ubuntu 환경에서 현재 메모리 사용량을 free 명령을 통해 알 수 있다.

$ free -h

total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 7.8G 2.3G 3.6G 161M 1.9G 5.0G Swap: 46G 472K 46G

$ free --help

Usage: free [options] Options: -b, --bytes show output in bytes -k, --kilo show output in kilobytes -m, --mega show output in megabytes -g, --giga show output in gigabytes --tera show output in terabytes -h, --human show human-readable output --si use powers of 1000 not 1024 -l, --lohi show detailed low and high memory statistics -t, --total show total for RAM + swap -s N, --seconds N repeat printing every N seconds -c N, --count N repeat printing N times, then exit -w, --wide wide output --help display this help and exit -V, --version output version information and exit

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